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Blockchain Certificates is a platform that enables any organization to issue digital certificates for any purpose.
The platform is based on the rapidly evolving blockchain technology, offering security, transparency, immutability and speed.Utilizing the platform's functionality, the certification process becomes much faster and more efficient, overcoming the need for printed certificates which are time consuming to issue, and in many cases expensive.Lastly, the platform offers full transparency, since all transactions made for the issuance of certificates are accessible to everybody, and recorded in the blockchain.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Certificates issued through the platform are backed from a smart contract, which makes them immutable. In addition, certificates can only be issued from authorized users.

Indeed, the digital certificates can be easily duplicated. However, in order for a certificate to be valid, it should have a transaction hash issued from the smart contract of the platform, which means that if we search the certificate from the smart contract we will be able to retrieve it. This ensures the uniqueness of the certificates.

The aim of the platform is to be used as a white label solution. Furthermore, if you want to issue certificates for your organization, feel free to contact us

Currently, we are using only one template for the certificates. In the near future, each organization will be able to customize his own template for the certificates

The only cost associated with the issuance of the certificates are the gas fees paid for the transactions. This cost exists for the purpose of writing the data to the blockchain

Yes, the certificates can be printed. However, in order to ensure the validity and uniqueness of a certificate, the search functionality that can be found on the main menu of the platform, should be working with all valid certificates.

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